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Treat Yo’ Self | Double Chocolate Caramel Stuffed Cookies

Over the last few months I’ve stacked on a little “winter coat” that I’d like to get rid of in time for summer! In order to do that, I’ve been trying to eat better, exercise more and generally be more healthy and smart with the food choices I make. I try to have smaller portions […]

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Not Just A Drink | Espresso Chocolate Kisses

Coffee is something I love to enjoy and living in Melbourne, great coffee can be found almost everywhere. I’m not the kind of person who needs a cup of joe to start my day and keep me sane, but I do love it.

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Love You Long Time | Passionfruit Yo-Yos

Not only am I blessed to have a wonderful, close-knit group of friends here at home in Melbourne, but I am also lucky enough to have great friends all around the world. To start, there’s Victor, someone I have known since I was born, someone I have very fond childhood memories with and someone I […]

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